High-performance tire, for the street and the track.

Zeknova Supersport RS tires are E-Marked (The E-mark is a United Nations mark for approved vehicles and vehicle components sold into the EU) and approved for road use.

Extremely quiet for a semi-slick tire, the Zeknova Supersport RS series makes the perfect everyday tire.
Due to its extra deep profile, it has superior rain performance and lifespan over other semi-slicks, making it a very long-lasting and stable tire.

Due to its almost 8mm thread and soft and grippy 240 thread wear compound, it also makes the perfect tire for drifting and endurance racing.

SUPERSPORT RS195/50ZR15240AA A82W 6.0J 300/44475/1047 2+2+2
SUPERSPORT RS235/45ZR17 240AA A94W 8.0J 300/44670/1477 2+2+2
SUPERSPORT RS245/40ZR17 XL 240AA A95W 8.5J 340/49690/1520 2+2+2
SUPERSPORT RS225/40ZR18240AA A88W 8.0J 300/44560/1235 2+2+2
SUPERSPORT RS235/40ZR18240AA A91W 8.5J 300/44615/1355 2+2+2
SUPERSPORT RS245/40ZR18 XL 240AA A97W 8.5J 340/49730/1609 2+2+2
SUPERSPORT RS255/35ZR18 240AA A90W 9.0J 300/44600/1323 2+2+2
SUPERSPORT RS265/35ZR18 240AA A93W 9.5J 300/44650/1433 2+2+2