RS606 is an E-Marked (The E-mark is a United Nations mark for approved vehicles and vehicle components sold into the EU) and approved for road use, high-performance semi-slick tire.
Developed and intended for professional-level competition drifting, circuit racing and road racing.

Zeknova RS606 semi-slick tires are available in two different rubber compounds:

  • A soft compound: 140 thread wear (R1).
  • A medium compound: 240 thread wear (R4).

This makes it possible to adapt to conditions on the track as the race progresses, giving the edge of having the same tire features with different levels of grip and lifespan making it possible to win the race not only on the track but with clever pit decisions as well.

ZEKNOVA RS606195/50ZR15140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A82W6.0J 300/44475/1047 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606205/45ZR16140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A83W7.0J 300/44487/1074 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606 205/45ZR17 XL140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A88W7.0J 340/49560/1235 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606215/40ZR17140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A83W7.5J 300/44487/1074 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606215/45ZR17140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A87W7.0J 300/44545/1201 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606225/45ZR17 XL140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A94W7.5J 340/49670/1477 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606235/40ZR17140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A90W8.5J 300/44600/1323 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606235/45ZR17140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A94W8.0J 300/44670/1477 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606245/40ZR17 XL140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A95W8.5J 340/49690/1520 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606255/40ZR17140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A94W9.0J 300/44670/1477 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606225/40ZR18140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A88W8.0J 300/44560/1235 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606235/40ZR18140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A91W8.5J 300/44615/1355 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606235/45ZR18140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A94W8.0J 300/44670/1477 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606245/40ZR18 XL140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A97W8.5J 340/49730/1609 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606255/35ZR18140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A90W9.0J 300/44600/1323 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606265/35ZR18140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A93W9.5J 300/44650/1433 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606275/35ZR18 XL140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A99Y9.5J 340/49775/1709 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606275/35ZR19140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A96Y9.5J 300/44710/1565 2+2+2
ZEKNOVA RS606285/35ZR20140AA A120AA A100AA A240AA A100Y10.0J 300/44800/1764 2+2+2