CBS Racing now distributor of Zeknova Tires

CBS Racing is now an official supplier of Zeknova Tires in Germany & Belgium! They can from now on provide customers with quality motorsport & racing tires at a great price.

CBS Racing can provide 2 different models of tires: Zeknova RS606 and Supersport RS.

  • Supersport RS:
    Semi-slick tire especially developed for drifting and endurance racing. Intended for pro drifting, drift practicing and endurance races.
    It is E Marked and approved for road use and due to its extra deep profile up til ~8mm.
  • Zeknova RS606:
    High-performance semi-slick tire developed and intended for professional-level competition drifting, circuit racing and road racing. E marked and approved for road use.

    For more info about the tires visit: Supersport RS and Zeknova RS606.